About my story

Creative web freelancer. I'm a young layout designer and specialize in landing page templates.


My name is Max

I'm 40. I have a family, my wife Viktoria and my daugther Maria.

In my free time I go mountain hiking, ride a bike, snowboard, play bass in a rock band.

When I was the owner of a service station, I wanted to order a rebranding of my site mastergas.com.ua, but I didn’t like the work of the web studio, so I decided to try to work with the site myself. I enjoyed it a lot, so I went through a few self-paced Frontend tutorials online.

Now my hobby has turned into an additional income.

Web Development

  • Wordpress CMS
  • Bootstrap themes
  • Template Development

My Tech Skills

  • Javascript
  • Photoshop

My Soft Skills

  • Agile
  • Flexibility&Creativity
  • Time Management